Freeman Building Systems Completes Landmark Project: Wooster North

Wooster, OH – Freeman Building Systems is proud to announce the successful completion of the Wooster North facility for The Wooster Brush Company, marking the largest building ever constructed at one time in Wooster. This 608,400-square-foot state-of-the-art facility showcases our dedication to high-quality products, innovation, and client satisfaction.

“We are humbled by The Wooster Brush Company’s trust and partnership with our team and Butler Manufacturing, which has led to this monumental achievement,” said Dan Freeman, President. “We take immense pride in working on projects that drive economic growth in Wooster and our surrounding communities. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that our hometown continues to thrive and prosper.”

As the world’s leading producer of steel building systems, Butler’s advanced systems provided the perfect foundation for this ambitious project. In collaboration with the visionary leadership at Wooster Brush, Freeman Building Systems has created a facility that will support Wooster Brush’s growth for decades to come.

Wooster North spans 14 acres under one roof, measuring 676 feet wide by 900 feet long. The central roofline peaks at 44-1/2 feet. The building features a durable Butler MR-24 standing-seam roofing system with nine inches of insulation, supported by acrylic-coated, galvanized wall girts and truss purlins.

The facility is thoughtfully divided into warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution zones, ensuring efficient operations. It also includes a two-tiered office area, 38 truck docks for seamless logistics, and a five-acre stormwater retention pond to aid in the building’s sustainability efforts.

Innovative methods, such as cement stabilization of the building footprint and a non-traditional roof ordering system, allowed for continuous work under varying weather conditions, significantly accelerating the construction timeline.

Wooster North showcases the efficiency and precision of the design-build process. “By integrating design and construction under one team, we can streamline communication, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines. This holistic approach allows us to innovate and ensure that every aspect of the project meets the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction,” said AJ Lammers, PE, Vice President of Operations.

Wooster North is now home to around 65 local employees and 13 robotic palletizers that aid in their work. Welch Packaging currently leases a portion of the 200,000-square-foot building. With additional undeveloped space available, Wooster Brush is positioned for future growth and expansion, ensuring its ability to meet increasing demand and continue its legacy of excellence.

“Shining a spotlight on the Wooster North project reflects Freeman’s dedication to building long-term relationships with our clients. Projects like this not only support our customers’ growth but also have a significant economic impact on the communities we live and work in. It’s a privilege to contribute to the local community in such a meaningful way,” said Lammers.

About Freeman Building Systems: Freeman Building Systems, a trusted name in the construction industry for over 32 years, is committed to high-quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Specializing in steel construction, design/build, and construction management, we strive to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations. We are proud to partner with Butler Manufacturing™ and are the 2023 Butler Builder® of the Year.

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